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HTS-7 Damascus FEATHER Bowie // Custom // WENGE Wood Handle Amazing grains // Damascus Fittings / Feather Forged Pattern // Camp // Hunting


Hometown Knives Damascus Feather Bowie which is hand crafted to PERFECTION. This bowie has over 36 hrs of forge work invested into it, including; forging, filing, fitting, grinding, polishing and more polishing. The WENGE handle is fixed to the unexposed 3/4 tang. The benefit of that is the curved shaped handle to fit every hand for a firm grip. Impressive workmanship that will turn heads. Light and beautiful. Comes with a custom thick cowhide sheath that grabs the blade with a snug fit and the clip locks it in place.

Damascus steel hand forged with combinations of 1095 High Carbon and 4340 forming over 288+ layers. We oil quench and temper to a hardness of 57-58 Rockwell C. Some of the many damascus steel advantages include the following: Blade edge resistance from the harder steel, micro serrations from the alternating layers, ductility from the HT 4340 layer.

Overall Length = 11"
Blade Length = 5.5"
Blade Width Max = 2"
Handle Length = 4.5"
Mass = 2 lbs.

Maintenance note:
*Due to the high carbon content of the metal make sure to not store it in the sheath in high moisture environment. Recommend a light layer of oil or metal polish that penetrates and prevents rust.