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HTS-86 440C MIRROR Polished Handmade Tomahawk Axe / Camping / Hunting / Chisel End / Skinner Sweep with Finger hole


Damascus Tomahawk Camp Tool hand forged to perfection. HTS 75

Hometown Knives Damascus AXE, is hand crafted to appeal all eyes. This AXE has over 28 hrs of forge work invested into it, including; forging, filing, fitting, grinding, polishing and more polishing. The wood handle is made of Rose wood that are built up to make the length and is designed to make proper grip and blance to the headh. .

Overall Length = 12"
Blade Length = 5"
Blade Width Max = 4.00"
Mass = 1.5 lbs.

Impressive workmanship that will turn heads. Light and beautiful. Comes with a custom sheath that grabs the AXE with a snug fit and the clip locks it in place.

Damascus steel hand forged with combinations of 1095 High Carbon Steel and 4340 HT forming over 500+ layers. We oil quench and temper to a hardness of 57-58 Rockwell C. Some of the many Damascus steel advantages include the following: Blade edge resistance from the harder steel, micro serrations from the alternating layers, ductility from the 4340.

Maintenance Recommendations:
- Store in a dry environment and NOT in the sheath for a long period of time to prevent rust.
- Oil or use Flitz polish to keep the shine and prevent the blade from rusting
- To sharpen use 22 - 25 deg angles or finer grit stones to hone the edge