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HTSE-13 / Damascus Skinner / HAND ENGRAVED Bolster / Exceptional Art / Hometown Knives / Metal Engraving


Hometown Knives Damascus Skinner is handcrafted to outperform functionally. ONLY ONE ON HAND!!!

The bolster features the art of Hand Engraving, which can be described as the process in which a hardened, shaped, and sharpened piece of steel, called a 'Graver', is pushed through the metal's surface. This is done with one of three methods: by hand pressure (push graver), with a small lightweight hammer and chisel (graver), or with a pneumatic air-driven hammer.

The smooth handle feels natural when held in the hand with a natural grip. The hole features one hand opening and the brass liner Springs in place to lock the blade when fully opened. Impressive workmanship that will turn heads. Comes with a custom sheath.

The Damascus blade is forged using a stack of 9 alternate plates (high carbon and low carbon plates) are folded multiple times in unique twists and folds to help work harden the blade and still have it be ductile or flexible. The blade is then quenched and tempered to a hardness of 59-60 Rockwell C.

Overall Length = 8.5"
Blade Length = 4"
Blade Width Max = .75"
Handle Length = 4.5"
Mass = .5 lbs

If we run out of this product we can recreate it but ask that you give our artist at least 3.5 weeks to engrave and give us another 1.5 weeks to finish. It can be expedited but giving the artist time pays off when you see the final product.